YSPI Enhancing Performance

YSPI is a cutting edge provider of research, education, and training of yoga, yoga therapeutics, meditation and mindset to enhance performance. We’ve positioned ourselves within the culture of professional sports, including the world series champions, The Chicago Cubs, supporting players to be more focused and present for performance through the education and practice of yoga, breath work, meditation and mindfulness for greater focus and performance.

Our Team

Our YSPI team is a group of educators, and practitioners, who have a sports background and have devoted their lives to the study of yoga, meditation and education of mind and body research.

YSPI Instructor Certification

  • 2 Day Intro to YSPI Yoga Training

    Yoga Sports Performance™ (YSPI™) presents a comprehensive yoga training focusing on Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Rehab Techniques, Meditation, Visualization, and Mindset for performance. Go!

  • 100 Hour YSPI Yoga Certification

    Yoga Training for Sports and Performance takes you deeper into the teaching of yoga, training and rehab to become more skilled to work with elite athletes in any sport or in any arena outside of sports. Go!

  • 200 Hour Anusara Yoga Certification

    We offer this course as a foundation for all seekers who wish to be agents of change not only in a yoga studio, but in our families, the workforce and greater community. If you are committed to a path of self healing and discovery and wish to share your gifts, we invite you to join us. Go!

Meditation & Mindset


Yoga for Athletes



  • It is a rare occurrence to find a Teacher with such a clear understanding of the needs of the human condition. Mark Miller (Professional Trophy Truck Driver)
  • There is a difference between thinking you’re going to do well and knowing you’re going to do well. Working with Denise turns thinking into knowing.Ryan Sipes (Professional Top Level Supercross)
  • It is amazing how much I have learned and grown as a player in such a short period of time. Denise has shown me how graceful and beautiful my life and playing career can be.Mike Hobson (Professional Golf)
  • I was able to enter what is normally a very stressful phase of a project with more joy and clearer vision.Rebecca Barry (NY Times Notable Book Author)