We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.Aristotle

YSPI has the vision of bringing yoga, yoga therapeutics and mindfulness into sports programs, businesses and to those desiring to live a brilliant life; to be at the top of mental and physical game.

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Denise Hatch

Founder of YSPI

Denise Hatch is a licensed hypnotherapist, certified Anusara yoga teacher trainer, and mindset coach. She currently works with elite athletes in the NFL, MLB, and motor sports. She has also worked with business executives, creative writers, and artists–people who want to find and listen to their soul’s calling and thrive outside of a conventional system. Her mission is to align her clients to their full brilliance, so they can put it to work to create a better world by living a more purposeful, joyful and healthy life.

Denise studied finance, nutrition, and exercise physiology at UNC. She earned All-American honors in springboard and tower diving, and competed in the world championships in outrigger canoeing. She has also worked at the Mayo Clinic as an instructor in a pilot program that explored the healing effects of yoga on sleep disorders and anxiety. More…


Lori Hamilton-Smith

Founder of Fitness by Lori

Lori Hamilton-Smith, founder and owner of Fitness by Lori, works with all levels of athletes from children to pro. Her system is designed to bring awareness to the areas of body and mind where internal energy is blocked. This system opens gate ways to one’s own internal power by targeting and releasing blockages. Lori is not only an athlete herself but worked at the side of a Hall of Fame Champion for over 20 years, and understands the adversities and successes of an athlete. Lori’s back ground has been working alongside Doctors doing scientific study on human performance. She has been teaching Health, Nutrition and Fitness for over 25 years. Her goal is to achieve the greatest possible results with health professionals and athletes of all levels. Lori’s inspiration is infectious and one that draw’s awareness and energy to others. She is loved and respected by her family, friends, clients and colleagues


Christine Schwan


Christine Schwan holds state and national championships in fitness. Christine began practicing yoga, after life changes brought her to the sacred space of single motherhood with 2 small boys, as a way to find more balance in her. She fell in love with the practice of yoga, then went on to receive her Yoga Teaching certification in 2008. She is certified in Yoga for Golfers (Level I/II), Yoga Sports Performance, and Functional Movement Science. Christine is currently an adjunct professor of Anatomy & Physiology, Certified Life Mastery Coach, Breath/Meditation Instructor and Yoga Coach/Instructor. It is her extensive knowledge in these areas, as well as kinesiology and the biomechanics of the muscular system, which enables her to bring a depth of knowledge of the human body to her clients. Christine specializes in corrective alignment, rehabilitation and improving sports performance for numerous professional athletes (MLB, NFL, NBA, WNBA) She spent the entire 2016 season working with several players with the Chicago Cubs in yoga, meditation and visualization.