Instructor Training

2 day intro to YSPI yoga training

Yoga Sports Performance™ (YSPI™) presents a comprehensive yoga training focusing on Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Rehab Techniques, Meditation, Visualization, and Mindset for performance. The YSP program gives you the tools to work with elite athletes, sports teams, and a better understanding of your own performance.
Receive 12 hours of Yoga Alliance CEC’s

  • Designed for Yoga Teachers

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Physical Therapists

  • Anyonbe Interest in Yoga and Performance

100 hour YSPI Yoga Certification

Yoga Training for Sports and Performance takes you deeper into the teaching of yoga, training and rehab to become more skilled to work with elite athletes in any sport or in any arena outside of sports. Includes understanding business development in the yoga/sports market.

What’s Covered:

  • Anusara Yoga Principles of Alignment™®
  • Understanding the culture of athletes
  • Mindset for highest levels of performance
  • Meditation in Motion
  • Bio tensegrity for clearing physical imbalances and patterns
  • Safest and most effective yoga postures for elite athletes
  • Yoga for sports sequencing
  • Languaging, speaking to the athlete, voice, observing, adjusting
  • Developing the foundation; body, mind, and breath
  • Anatomy
  • Kinametic sequencing
  • Adjustments and modifications for athletes
  • Yoga therapeutics for common injuries
  • Rehab techniques with trigger pointing
  • Providing safe environment
  • Safety and contracts
  • Efficiency, efficacy, exigency
  • Sequencing for pre-season, post-season, in-season, rest and recovery days
  • Pranayama with focus on sports for parasympathetic nervous system and greater focus
  • Meditation and Visualization skills
  • Sankulpa, the power of intention
  • Assessing injuries on pro athletes at Athetes Performance
  • Flow of energy, loops and spirals
  • Cultivating an eye for imbalance and mis-alignment
  • Teaching skills – being in front of a group of pro athletes
  • Development of business and marketing skills
  • Designed for Those Desiring to be Yoga Teachers

  • Yoga Teachers Wanting to Deepen Their Understanding of Yoga and Sports Performance

You Will Receive:

  • 100 hour YSPI Yoga Instructor Certification
  • Yoga Sports Performance Manual
  • Access to yoga performance videos
  • On going business and marketing development
  • Possible placement for teaching yoga with teams or indiviual athletes. Be part of our YSP teachers
  • YSPI™ training is an accredited course.
  • Early Bird pricing available (does not include accomodations or flight)

200 Hour Anusara Yoga Certification


Denise Hatch, CMT

YSPI Founder

Anusara Certified Teacher Trainer and Co-founder Mystic Heart Yoga Retreats.

Our Program prepares teachers to work with a wide range of students because we believe the practices and teachings of yoga can change the way our human family lives on this Earth. We offer this course as a foundation for all seekers who wish to be agents of change not only in a yoga studio, but in our families, the workforce and greater community. If you are committed to a path of self healing and discovery and wish to share your gifts, we invite you to join us.

This teacher training is broken into 2 parts, Immersion and Practicum. Part 1, the Immersion, is open to all students and recommended for those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga- you do not need to be a teacher or wish to go on to teacher training to take this course. Part 2, Practicum, is dedicated to learning and practicing teaching techniques.

Part 1: Immersion (100 hrs)

The Anusara yoga Immersion is open to ALL students and teachers of yoga and is a complete overview of the philosophy, history and practices of Anusara yoga. It is a 100 hour program which is split into 3 sections. These sections may be taken one at a time or consecutively.

We will cover the first syllabus of poses, the 5 principles of alignment, give an overview of Tantric philosophy, and ask ourselves the ultimate questions: Who am I really and what do I truly want? How do I want to live? What do I love?

Part 2: Practicum (100 hrs)

In this course we will uncover the method of teaching Anusara Yoga including but not limited to taking the seat of the teacher, creating class themes, applying Tantric philosophy to lifestyle and theming, creating a sequence, pacing and public speaking, anatomy and therapeutics and applying verbal and physical adjustments.

This course will include many hours of actual practice and observation and prepare the student to fully take the seat of the teacher upon completion of the course.

If you have participated in a 200 hour teacher training in another style of yoga, this training is also a wonderful companion to hone many skills of teaching. Students will spend a great deal of time practicing teaching and receiving mentoring.