Meditation and Mindset

YSPI understands this generation of athletes. Learning a players motivating driver is essential to creating focus, connection, and motivation. We also understand the many distractions that can add to a lack of focus. YSPI helps players with visualization, focus, and motivation for consistent peak performance results.


YSPI uses a protocol that meets a mind where its at and guides it into focus, by bringing the attention to the breathing, the posture, and the intention.

LA YOGA: Do you find similarities between yoga and meditation practice and your athletic career?

Keith Mitchel (From NFL Linebacker to Mindfulness Coach): I think of meditation as being in the zone. I like to live life in the zone where there is no good or bad; it just is. When I played football, my most amazing games were when I was in the zone. To live life in the zone is when everything feels like you got the playbook right.

Your meditation is your playbook. Stillness nurtures the soul. I like to be in that zone when I’m focusing and then when I’m functioning in the world.

The world is going to hit you with all kind of things, so if you’re not in that so-called zone then you’re going to have a more reactive personality. You’re going to have more of the fight or flight mechanism, instead of a state of calm.

Meditation is the power that attracts the mind to its own source and fills the mind and body with its brilliance. Through meditation alone, you can make your mind an ally, working with you, rather than against you.

“Mindfulness in Motion”

The busy mind of the high performing individual, often times, finds it difficult to sit quietly to meditate. Meditation can occur anytime, anywhere and in motion. Understanding the principles of mindfulness is key and it’s scientifically proven, a body in motion accesses the subconscious mind and becomes programmable at the deepest levels.

YSPI couples movement or any physical activity such as yoga postures, training, etc. while activating the proper steady even breath, and simultaneously holding a one pointed focus bringing the outward awareness of the mind, inward.

With awareness of one’s predominant thoughts and breath, deliberate visualization and intention yield more power.

  • Stress reduction – stress impedes performance as well as creativity

  • A focused, centered mind =greater attention span, faster decision making, confidence

  • Regulate mood, decrease anxiety and depression

  • Quicker reaction time

  • Mental strength, resilience, emotional intelligence

  • Improves learning, memory, rapid memory recall, and self-awareness

  • Improves visuospatial processing – memorizing plays or directions

  • Reduces heart disease, blood pressure, and stoke

  • Decreases cellular level inflammation and manages pain