2017 Immersion


2017 Cave Creek, Arizona
Nov. 8-12 
Dec. 6-10
Dec. 31-Jan. 4th
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If living more authentically, steady in your own power is calling to you, whether it’s to better your health, find your passion and purpose or become a catalyst of change in your workplace or community, this series of Anusara Yoga Immersions is for you.  In our world today we have placed the accomplishments of the mind over the power and value of the heart.  Yoga gives you the skills and strategies for placing the mind in service of the heart, combing true brilliance with deep wisdom.  The more we build the health of our bodies and positive connections in our relationships the more we are able to sustain our innovations and success.
These practices of the Anusara Yoga Immersion cultivate your own power through:
  • Learning the wisom of ancient philosophy and how to apply in the modern world
  • Cultivating physical strength and a healthy mind and body through deepening your asana practice.
  • Learning to listen to your own deep wisdom through contemplation, meditation, pranayama, journaling and discussion
  • Understanding and developing SanKulpa – the power of your intention and volition.
Immersion 1- Connect and commit to your heart
The first immersion guides one back to their soulful expression of Self, returning to the remembrance of ones own dharma or Divine life purpose.   This course sets the foundation for clarification, transformation, and deep inquiry into alignment with your own wisdom, retreating from the falsities of the world to reimmerse healthier, balanced, and more confident in the power of your own will.
Immersion 2- Place your Mind in service to your Heart
As knowledge and skillful action awaken to align you to your most heartfelt desires, that which stands in your way will be revealed.  Cultivating the courage to face fears and change habits that no longer serve you will be the inner workings of immersion 2.  Exploration of Ancient texts will give us a map for the inner workings of our minds and how to place our intellect in service to our hearts.
What does it means to have optimal health and true strength?  How does progress and success actually look for us?  As we become clearer about the picture of our own success we actually become a greater magnet for it.
Immersion 3- Ignite love and become sovereign in your power


Through steady practice we gain true confidence and become at ease in our own skin.  When we recognize that we are the creators of our own experience, we can take the seat of true power and become more effective and joyful in our lives.  In our confidence we must also learn the practices of compassion and empathy as we continue to walk in a world full of division and ignorance.   As we study the epic battle of the Baghavad Gita, we will see how the same ancient battles still play out today.   And by applying the wisdom of yoga see more clearly and choose more deliberately the life we love and truly desire.  What kind of world do you want to create?
 The immersions are divided into 3 sections, which can be taken separately or all-together, and will be count as the first 100 hours of teacher training if you decide to continue your studies.
This program is open to ALL students, ALL levels.