Yoga Sports Performance Institute ~ Mindfulness in Motion


This 2 hour online workshop



Online Zoom Conference – details of meeting sent upon payment
Wednesday, July 31st 7:00 pm EST
$99 per person

The busy mind of the high performing individual can go in many directions, simultaneously, dissipating the power of focus and performance, often defeating a person before the game or project has begun.

Understanding the principles of the conscious/un-conscious mind and how the practice of ‘mindfulness’ can harness the power for performance brings a new level of attention, clarity and hyper-focus to sports, business, studentship, and creative expression of any kind.

What you will learn in this 2 hour online zoom course:

~What is Mindfulness in Motion

~The science of a body in motion; penetrating the subconscious mind to re-program or re-enforce beliefs and behaviors

~Awareness of and breaking the cycle of repetitive patterns

~Why the conscious mind is the goal setter, the union scious mind is the goal getter

~Engaging the parasympathetic nervous system; how to and benefits

~How stress impedes performance and creativity

~How mindfulness reduces stress and creates presence

~Practices of pranayama, (breath techniques) visualization, sound and holding one pointed focus for harnessing Universal Power

~Increasing attention span means faster decision making, confidence

~Inner focus for awareness of internal thoughts and emotions

~Heart – Brain cohesiveness

~Improves visuospatial processing – memorizing plays or directions

~Sensitivity in younger athletes; Thought, Emotion, Physical Response triangle.