THE MENTAL EDGE for Elite Performance


Are you mentally steady and adaptable?
Are you clear on your goals?
Do your stronger beliefs align to your destiny?
Do you know how to deal with mental fluctuation?

If your answer is no to any of these questions, this program is for you.

Visualization and mind-set skills for your sport or business?

What you get:
Evaluation of your beliefs and goals, and practices specific to your needs
2 – Private hour long mind-set coaching sessions with Denise



Creating a mindset that works for you, rather than against you.

Your mind is moving closer to your goal or away from it every moment. Your mind must be in line with your destined outcome. If you are running a deep program that does not align with your goal, your destiny will always fall to the strongest belief. While you might spend some time each day focused on what you want, you could also be spending the majority of time, and often unaware of it, focused on what you donʼt want or running a stronger program of fear, defeat or failure. Whether you think you can or you canʼt, youʼre right!

There are times in our day when the gateway to the deeper subconscious mind is open. During those times we are able to reprogram new neurological pathways making new positive and powerful beliefs and behaviors that get us our goals. Science recognizes this as one of the fastest ways to change negative, defeating beliefs and behaviors. If we are unaware of the times when the gateway to the deeper mind is open, most often we are reinforcing neurological pathways further embedding our current beliefs and behaviors. Nobody defeats you quicker than you. Changing habitual thinking, behaviors, or patterns, takes vigilance and time. However, when you know how to access the deeper mind, change comes quickly.

Denise Hatch, founder of Yoga Sports Performance, is a licensed hypnotherapist, certified Anusara yoga teacher, and energy psychologist. Her clients are high-level professionals who want to operate at their greatest potential. She currently works with elite athletes in the NFL, MLB, and motor sports. She has also worked with business executives, creative writers, and artists–people who want to find and listen to their soul’s calling and thrive outside of a conventional system. Her mission is to align her clients to their full brilliance, so they can put it to work to create a better world by living a more purposeful, joyful, and healthy life.

Denise studied finance, nutrition, and exercise physiology at UNC. She earned All-American honors in springboard and tower diving, and competed in the world championships in outrigger canoeing. She has also worked at the Mayo Clinic as an instructor in a pilot program that explored the healing effects of yoga on sleep disorders and anxiety.