States of Suggestibility – #1

There are 4 “States of Suggestibility” when the doorway to the deeper mind, what I call the “Play Zone,” is open and the subconscious mind is open for programming.

My favorite is Physical Demand on the body. I love the vehicle of yoga for this particular state because of the nature of bio-mechanical alignment with the deep Ujjayi breath. When the body is challenged physically, the autonomic nervous system is in charge of the bodily functions that you don’t think about, sweating, increased heart rate, increased blood flow, things that automatically happen because of the ANS which is controlled by your subconscious mind.

When this occurs, the conscious mind recedes and the subconscious mind comes forward, making a doorway and access to the deeper parts of the mind. It’s one of those times where you either reinforce what’s already there; i.e., habits, conditioned thought, or movement, etc, or you have the ability and access to change it. The key is knowing when this programmable time happens and to be aware of the thoughts and emotions that are occurring while the doorway is open and the mind is permeable and programmable.

This phenomenon happens during workouts, running, swimming, playing a sport whenever the body is under physical demand.

Think of the powerful programming that takes place when you are playing a sport and you make a mistake. You could diminish yourself and remind yourself that you aren’t good enough, or just the opposite. Remembering the powerful time it is to program, you could remind yourself of your great ability.

Like the little boy that was playing ball by himself in the back yard. He threw the ball high into the air, and as he swung at it with the bat, he said to himself, “I am a great hitter” and missed. So he threw the ball up again and repeated to himself, “I am a great hitter”, and missed again. Third time same thing, missed. As he picked up the ball he said to himself “I am one hell of a pitcher”. That story is a reminder not only to be easy on yourself but to know the powerful programming that is happening when there is physical demand on the body. What you hold in the mind at thought, attitude, or behavior during this time is what is being accepted into the subconscious. Make it powerful and positive. Stay tuned for the next 3 states of suggestibility…

Written by Denise Hamilton Hatch