Yoga for Athletes


YSPI opens gateways of the body to build and transfer more energy using Universal Principles of Alignment™, which also cultivate body and breath awareness for greater focus, balance, stability, and mobility to improve player and team performance and prevent injury while lengthening careers.


One on one or team, Sport Specific and Seasonal.

Regeneration through alignment, proper breath for engaging parasympathetic nervous system, basic yoga postures for muscle repair and connective tissue alignment and health.

YSPI's Approach

Assessment – YSPI’s assessment of a body begins in the feet to build proper alignment from the foundation.

Sport Specific Yoga Postures
– to integrate and stabilize joints, while simultaneously creating mobility in areas of tightness for position and sport.

– YSPI teaches proper breathing with movement for stress reduction, focus, and nervous system control.

– YSPI understands this generation of athletes. Learning a players motivating driver is essential to creating focus, connection, and motivation. YSPI uses states of suggestibility to manage mental states and help players with visualization, focus, and manifestation for consistent peak performance results.

Yoga Therapeutics and Trigger Point Therapy
– for injured athletes.